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$3,000 Mentorship

This 1 on 1 Mentorship was designed to give the upmost transparency within online marketing markets bringing clarity and understanding to buyers habits and techniques. Topics covered through out 8 sessions via zoom .

2 sessions a week.

1.Top Tier Marketing (The 2.Antwan Great Plan)  

2. Buyer Analysis

3. Psychology / Life

4. Putting it all together with a plan.

*Non Refundable

$150.00 / month

$59.99 / month


Via Discord

Daily Signals Live Trading with Antwan Great @ 4pm EST Back testing Webinars Sunday Market Open Analysis Education


Learn How To Use Instagram In A Way That Will Produce Extra Source of income


LEVEL 1 will teach you strategies that elite brands online are doing and share with you how you can Profit using social media


LEVEL 2 You'll learn how to leverage OPA (Other People's Audiences) AKA AUDIENCE HACKING!


LEVEL 3 How to properly structure ads for your post

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